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20 June 2017

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Done Right Roofing

​Offering Residential Roof Repairs to Saskatoon and surrounding area

​​done right roofing.....

Since 2000, Done Right Roofing has been providing residential roof repairs and replacement. We provide home roof repairs and replacement of shingles, whirlybirds and vents.

When you choose Done Right Roofing, first Steve and his crew at  will ensure that your roof and its structure are sound and secure. Then they will install Ice & Water Protector along the eavestroughs and in the valleys to prevent water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain.  The whole roof will then be covered with a synthetic underlayment. This non-breathable material is completely water-resistant and sheds any water that gets behind the shingles. This underlayment ensures your roof meets shingle warranty requirements.  Finally, we will install shingles to meet your colour and style preferences.


Steve Smith, the owner of Done Right Roofing, is on the roof each and every time to ensure quality work. Provides roofing in Saskatoon and to the surrounding area.

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Residential Roofing in Saskatoon and Area